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DJ Askari: Reviews

  • "Amazing music!  Great stuff." - Sir Francis, Sting's manager
  • "He's the best DJ here." - NYC's DJ Etienne DeYans, then owner of Tapis Rouge
  • "You're the best DJ I've had down here." - NYC's Paul Diamond, owner of Luahn
  • "I can't believe your range of music!" - Alex Ancheta, then manager of Suede.
  • "I really like your music." - NYC's DJ Patrice
  • "Much respect." - NYC's DJ Dalai Jamma
  • "Awesome music!  And great mixing." - Beenish H.
  • "When you play house, you take your performance to a whole new level." - Al Sachs, The Invasion Group
  • "You're the best!  You  were awesome!" - MK Semos
  • "Amazing!" - Maria G.
  • "Well done.  Great music." - Hussain K.
  • "You're awesome!  We love your music." - Sophie G.
  • "You're awesome!" - Rebecca P.
  • "Too good." - Bilal H.
  • "You're the best DJ ever!" - Cynthia K.
  • "You were, and are, THE GREATEST DJ I've ever heard, period. Honestly." - Monica H.J.
  • "You suck.  Play some bhangra." - A disgruntled Pakistani couple.